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Демешева Юлиана

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Административное право: разрешение споров с государственными органами

Working experience:

09.2002 - till now assistant professor,
lectures and seminars on Administrative Law for the 2-4 year students,
lectures and seminars on Law Institutions, Introduction in Jurisprudence for the 2 year
students and university entrants,
(State University - Higher School of Economics, Moscow, Russia);
09.2007 lectures on Jurisprudence for the labour inspectors,
(for the Academy of Labour and Social Relationships, Moscow, Russia);
12.2006 lectures and seminars on Administrative Law,
(for the School of Media Lawyers, Moscow, Russia);
06.2006 legal examination of laws and laws in draft of Moscow Region,
(for the Representative Assembly (Duma) of Moscow Region);
10.2006 scientific research “Legal base of social reform in European Union in 1970-1990:
economic aspect”,
(for the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation);

09.2004 - 11.2004 academic trip (University Pantheon-Sorbonne - Paris I, Paris, France);
09.2001 - 09.2002 assistant attorney, law firm “Colleague”;
07.2001-08.2001 training courses, Bank of Moscow, Moscow, Russia


1. What does it mean – to be a lawyer? Editor E.Mishina. “Liberal Mission” Fund, Moscow, 2010;
2. Law enforcement: theory and practice. Monograph: managing editor Y. Tikhomirov, Formula for law, Moscow, 2008;
3. Legal status of migrants in France, Publication of scientific report “Overcoming of bureaucratic obstacles in the Ministry of Interior of Russian Federation” Fund INDEM, Moscow, 2007;
4. Ministry as a legal entity, Legislation and Economy , №10, 2003;
5. Proceedings of settlement of conflicts in Economy (review of scientific conference), Legislation and Economy №7, 2003;
6. Interest in Public Law and Private Law (review of scientific conference), Journal of Russian Law, №1, 2003;
7. Openness of State Ministries, Legislation and Economy №12, 2002;
8. Conception of “Administrative proceedings Law”, Economy and Law, №6, 2001


1997 – 2002 State University - Higher School of Economics, faculty of Law;
diploma Master of Law with Honour;
1987 – 1997 secondary school №1251 with profound learning of French language

Other info:

Languages: fluent French, working knowledge of English, native Russian

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